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Can snacking be a sin? With our Chewies snacks you can spoil your dog without hesitation. We offer you juicy meat strips, the popular chew sticks made from natural casings, chicken necks and chicken wings or cow udders. We supplement this with unusual protein sources such as horse stomach or camel dried meat and our crunchy lactose-free cheese pops. And as a classic, there are soft rolls. With Chewies snacks, you can snack without a guilty conscience!

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Chewy cheese

A special taste experience for milk fans! Give your dog delicious chewing fun with our high-quality, vegetarian snacks made from fresh cow's milk.


Our low-fat cheese sticks are lactose-free and digestible thanks to their manufacturing process. The natural snack for your furry friend to fall in love with.

Training ankle

The classic training treat! Chewies Training with the well-known bone shape are already loved by many dogs.

We have developed the treats in mini and maxi sizes for training with dogs of all sizes.

Coffee wood

Dogs love sticks for playing and chewing. Unlike sticks from the forest, our Chewies coffee wood chew sticks offer a special chewing experience for your furry friend.


Coffee wood chew sticks have a pleasant, easy-to-grip shape and are popular with large and small, old and young dogs. Coffee wood is heavier and harder than our domestic tree species. Due to its higher resistance, the non-slip wood offers long-lasting chewing fun. Depending on your dog's biting strength, our coffee wood chew sticks provide chewing pleasure for several weeks.

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