Where is the Chewies range produced?

Sustainability plays a major role for us, which is why our products are made in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

Quality is just as important to us: as part of our quality assurance, we maintain close contact with all manufacturers. We visit them regularly to check the quality of the certified production processes on site. Some of our production takes place at Pets Nature Produktions GmbH, which we founded and is based in the Lüneburg Heath. Here we promote inclusion by taking on 5 employees from Heide-Werkstätten e. V.

How do I find the right size for the chew sticks?

Our Chewies chews are just as varied as our dogs. Many different sizes and degrees of hardness allow every four-legged friend to find THE chew.


The right size is important so that your furry friend cannot bite through the chew or get it behind their last molars. Also choose the hardness to match the chewing power: from coffee wood with low chewing strength to chewing root with high chewing strength.

When buying, pay attention to the tables that show the right sizes and hardnesses for your dog. If in doubt, choose a size larger for dogs with very strong bites!

What is the difference between Chewies chew sticks and sticks from the forest?

The chew sticks made from coffee wood, olive wood, grapevines and our chew roots are a low-risk alternative to sticks. Sticks from the forest can splinter and cause injuries to your dog.

We subject our chewing wood to a special drying process. Depending on the type of wood, this causes them to fray or produce small, sharp-edged pieces when chewed. These soften on contact with saliva and your dog can swallow them.

When can my dog use the woods?

You will find many different woods and sizes for adult dogs in our range. The types of wood differ in terms of their strength and hardness, as well as their surfaces. The different sizes within the types of wood allow you to choose the perfect chew for your four-legged friend. Whether large or small, with little or a lot of biting power, all dogs will find their favorite chew.

Young dogs that have finished teething will be happy to receive suitable chews. They are not suitable for puppies. For older dogs, we recommend a dental check by a vet beforehand to rule out any previous damage to their teeth.

Why is my chew splintering?

If the Chewies chews are suitable for your dog's stature and biting strength, they will fray or produce small, sharp-edged pieces. These soften on contact with saliva and your dog can swallow them.

So make sure you choose a chew that suits your furry friend.

Are animals killed for your antlers?

Natural and sustainable chews are important to us. Our red deer and fallow deer antlers are therefore 100% natural shedding sticks.

Once a year, fallow deer and red deer naturally shed their antlers.

So-called pole walkers collect them later. No animal dies at Chewies for your dog's antler chewing pleasure.

What is the difference between fallow deer and red deer antlers?

Antlers are naturally encased in a hard, bony substance that protects the inner antler marrow.

The bony layer of red deer antlers is thicker than that of fallow deer antlers. Depending on your four-legged friend's biting strength, you can decide which is better suited to him and his teeth. Fallow deer antlers are usually more suitable for small dogs.

With our pre-cut half antlers, the tasty antler marrow is already exposed. These are particularly suitable for beginners and dogs that are not very active chewers.

What is the difference between antlers and the Buffalo items?

We use solid water buffalo horns for our Chewies Buffalo. These are much more stable than the hollow, quickly splintering water buffalo horns that you often find in the shops.

Our robust horns have a very original taste that accompanies your dog throughout the entire chewing fun. Because: Horn tastes super delicious whole, with antlers it is the inner antler marrow.

Horn is also much more stable than antlers and the natural shape of the solid water buffalo horns accommodates large dog bites. Even dogs with a very strong bite can satisfy their innate urge to chew extensively with Buffalo chewing horn.


Chewies antlers, on the other hand, offer dogs with less biting power in particular long-lasting chewing fun with an exciting taste inside. Depending on the type of antler, they are suitable for a higher (red deer) or lower bite force (fallow deer).

We also have halved antlers in our range. The tasty antler marrow is already open here. This means that even beginners and less chewy pets get their money's worth, as they can easily lick and nibble on the half antlers.

Do you also have monoproteins and grain-free snacks and treats?

Yes, we have many suitable snacks and treats for food-sensitive dogs.

Most of our Chewies products are grain-free and monoprotein. These include


  • all natural snacks
  • the crispy cheese pops and the chewy cheese
  • Training snacks
  • Lucky Bits
  • Salametti
  • Meat strips


You can easily find the respective varieties in our online store thanks to the filter function.

- Do you also have vegetarian rewards?

If you want to treat your furry friend to a vegetarian or vegan treat, our vegetarian cheese pops or vegan vegetable knuckles are the perfect choice. Crunchy crispy fun and an aromatic, low-purine classic - meatless can be so delicious.

We recommend our popular chewing sticks and handmade chewing cheese as vegan or vegetarian chews.

Tip: Vegan chews and treats are ideal for allergy sufferers.

My dog is too fat, what can I give him from Chewies?

Chewing sticks are ideal as they satisfy the natural need to chew without any calories.

With around 0.23% fat, antlers are also ideal for furry friends who need to keep an eye on their figure.


Our Chewies Cheese Pops and Chewy Cheese are low in fat and, in moderation, are a wonderful treat without a guilty conscience. They have a fat content of around 3 %.


Be sure to include all treats in the total amount of food throughout the day.

Which reward is particularly popular and is suitable as a super treat?

We recommend our Chewies Salametti or Lucky Bits as jackpot treats. Both are particularly tempting for dogs. They smell wonderfully intense to dogs' noses and taste deliciously aromatic and meaty.

The tasty Chewies Chew Sticks Mini are also perfect as a super treat.

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