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Discover our sustainable and exciting chews made from various natural raw materials: Knotty chewing roots, grippy or robust wooden chew sticks, antler sticks with marrow, extra hard water buffalo horns or our lactose-free cheese to chew -
every dog will find their favorite chew!


You can find the exact differences between our wooden chew...

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Chewies rolls with their deliciously soft texture are loved by many dogs for their intense flavor.

The soft rolls are easy to divide and are therefore also suitable as training treats for working with dogs of all sizes.


A true classic among training snacks and also for "gray snouts" that prefer to eat soft snacks.

Meat strips

Give your dog a treat with our soft and tasty snack made from pure meat or fish (+ offal and carcass for the rabbit and sea fish varieties).

The chews with their intense meat flavor are natural and digestible for all pets.


Our gluten-free meat strips are available in MAXI and MINI varieties. They can also be cut into small pieces if required due to dental problems or as a training treat.


Training MINI and MAXI the tasty motivation

The classic training treat! Chewies Training with the well-known bone shape are already loved by many dogs.

We have developed the treats in mini and maxi sizes for training with dogs of all sizes.


The coveted reward for work or simply for in-between meals is available in six delicious flavors, and the MAXI training knuckles also come in a vegan version.

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